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Residential Services

Skilled Support for Projects of any Size

Municipal Services

Trust the contractor with a proven track record in the successful planning, execution and maintenance of residential projects both large and small.

As a trusted and multi-skilled contractor, we've tackled countless residential construction projects both large and small. From lending additional manpower to providing experienced equipment operators, PRAX can provide as much or as little dedicated expertise required to get the job done. With any PRAX project, safety, proficiency, and a steadfast adherence to stringent guidelines and processes come standard.


• Drainage & Culvert Work

• Water / Sewer Installations & Repairs

• Residential Site Works, Basements & Water / Sewer

• Site Grading & Preparation

• Potable Water Hauling

• Septic Cleaning Service

• Steamer


Core Offerings

  • Oilfield Support Services

    Oilfield Support Services.

    Contract us for construction, maintenance, reclamation & welding.

  • Equipment Rentals

    Equipment Rentals.

    A great variety of well-maintained equipment at the right price.

  • Potable Water/Septic

    Potable Water/Septic.

    Trust PRAX for all of your water hauling and septic services needs.

  • Portable Toilets

    Portable Toilets.

    Rental and servicing of clean, safe and environmentally friendly toilets.



  • Safety is our number one priority.

    Without fail, we ensure that all work is carried out within applicable legislated safety regulations and in strict adherence to PRAX policies and procedures

  • We stand behind our equipment.

    Every piece of PRAX equipment is inspected, maintained and guaranteed for optimal performance in the field.

  • We have decades of expertise.

    PRAX offers experienced, professional foremen, operators and laborers for any size or scope of industrial project.